Welcome to our demo! The frame below shows a simplified version of our tool. It is still in development so we welcome bug reports and suggestions here. Recommended browsers: Chrome and Safari.

Comprehensive versions of this tool are being developed and tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our partners.


Step 1: Data Inputs

Redeploy takes in two data files (e.g., Excel), one describing job request information and another for staff availabilities.

The app can read any data fields you are currently tracking. Common fields include: employee/job ID, site, department, skills, shift hours, available days, work restrictions, and seniority level.

Both datasets should contain similar fields in order to facilitate the matching process between jobs and staff.


Step 2: Visualize the data

Summary statistics and visualizations for the input data are created so the user can validate and explore the current state of their job requests and available staff.


Step 3: Define matching criteria and preferences

Users can define which criteria must be satisfied in order for a match to be made between an employee and a job request. Examples include: the shift hours of the job must match the employee’s regular shift hours; the employee must have the skills required for the job; the employee must be from the same site as the job.

Users can also specify what types of matches they prefer, such as prioritizing seniority or trying to balance workload and unfavourable shifts.


Step 4: Create an optimized schedule

Simply click an “Optimize” button and a schedule will be returned along with summary statistics. The schedule can be tailored and exported to fit seamlessly into your workflow.